Lincoln’s Magnificent Cathedral

Last weekend we found ourselves in Lincoln, an attractive medieval city with a huge and beautiful cathedral. The current building is the second attempt: the earlier cathedral was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1185. It took almost 130 years to rebuild but the result is amazing.

When it was completed it was the one of the largest buildings in the world and its central spire, at over 500 feet, made it the tallest building in the world - until it collapsed in the sixteenth century. Engineering was more trial and error back then.

Some of the most intriguing stonework is in the surviving part of the original Norman building, mostly the west front. Here, there are detailed carvings of animals, bible scenes and kings. Some are quite alarming, the idea being that you had to run the gauntlet to get into the House of God.

The west face retains some details from the Norman building, including fine stonework


The West Door
The interior is, as expected, cavernous with particularly striking windows with jewel colours.

Exchequer Gate

The cathedral viewed from the medieval Castle Hill - imagine it with three spires that almost doubled its height