Shrewsbury Abbey

Shrewsbury Abbey was established in 1083 and, despite its modest proportions, became one of the most important abbeys in the country. But it has had its ups and downs.

After the Dissolution the abbey was partly demolished with the north and south transepts being removed, leaving the end walls rough and exposed. Rather than being completely destroyed, the reduced abbey continued to be used as a parish church.

Various rebuilding and remodelling projects through the centuries have resulted in a building with a hotchpotch of styles, much diminished from the original plan. Even the building of the A5 in the 19th century further destroyed parts of the abbey grounds, with the impressive 14th century Refectory Pulpit left isolated on the other side of the busy road. Today it is surrounded by a large pay and display car park.

So today the abbey sits within a small green, near the river, a shadow of its former self.