Three Erics in Morecambe

A quick trip to Morecambe when, quite by chance, we were reminded of the works of three different Erics.

First to the beautiful art deco Midland Hotel, where we always enjoy the architectural details of Eric Gill.

His iconic seahorses sit above the entrance and the seahorse theme is repeated throughout the hotel - even on the shower drains in the bathrooms.

There are countless other Gill works throughout the hotel, including an illustrated map of north west England, a stone relief of part of Homer's Odyssey and the beautiful mural on the ceiling above the central staircase.

The other great Eric of the 1930s - Eric Ravilious - also contributed to the Midland Hotel. His mural in the Rotunda Bar covers the entire circular wall, bringing the seaside atmosphere inside, even on the coldest January day.

And finally, as we drove home, we passed the third Eric. Eric Morecambe, of Morecambe and Wise, was born here and took the town's name as his stage name. In 1999 a statue of his was erected on the coast road.

Standing in his well-known pose, Eric has the Lakeland hills behind him and with his binoculars round his neck he's ready for some bird watching across Morecambe Bay.

Three different Erics, all of whom loved Morecambe and its unique setting.