The Bay and Beyond Exhibition at Brantwood

Phil Entwistle - Kent and Bela

On Sunday we spent a few hours wandering around Brantwood and enjoying the amazing scenery of Coniston.

Our visit to Brantwood was prompted by their current exhibition: Phil Entwistle's The Bay and Beyond. Phil's paintings are stunning and capture the beauty of Morecambe Bay. We purchased one of Phil's paintings: Kent and Bela. This painting looks to the Lakeland Fells from the confluence of the River Bela and River Kent. It has a special significance for me as Mum and I loved walking along the sands at this point. We're really looking forward to hanging this painting in the house and enjoying it every day.

Phil captures the colours of the Bay so successfully, especially the pink sands contrasting with the green hills. In his introduction to the exhibition, the artist writes "as a child living near Morecambe, the fells across the Bay seemed to me a mysterious land awaiting exploration. That feeling of wonder, of the Bay and the land beyond, has never left me, and has been an inspiration for the paintings in this exhibition."

We had a lovely day, in spectacular scenery and with the beginnings of Spring all around us.