Durham Day-trip

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, as well as the Easter weekend, we crossed the Pennines for a day in Durham. We can’t really work out why, but neither of us have been to Durham before, despite it being only 90 minutes’ drive from home. And a lovely drive it is too: a short distance up the M6, then cross country through Kirkby Stephen and Brough, then across a blustery A66, past Barnard Castle to Scotch Corner, before the final stretch up the A1.

The focus of our day trip was Durham’s celebrated cathedral but we vowed to return again soon to explore more of the medieval city on a quieter day.

St Cuthbert’s tomb

Windows with jewel-like colours

Sunlight shines through the stained glass windows

Tomb of The Venerable Bede in the Galilee Chapel

Viking hogbacks