Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

Today is St David's Day (1st March). Hardwicke Rawnsley's Clear Weather in March is a lovely March poem which describes so beautifully the changing moods of the month.
Season of Winter loveliness heightened
By day that earlier lives and later dies -
Season of sapphire waters, steady skies,
And yellowing larch, and copses bronzed and brightened
By hazel buds, and woodland glooms enlightened
By ash shoots glancing grey, with ivories
Of white birch stems, and wings of jays and pies
At woodman's step from out the hollows frightened!
For thine exceeding clearness at the noon
Men love thee, March; but, at the time of even,
Such blushing azures front the saffron West,
Their eyes with choice of beauty are distrest;
While, arbitress above in middle Heaven,
In mutest indecision stands the Moon.