Whitby on a Bright Spring Day

We couldn’t believe our luck when we arrived in Whitby to a glorious blue sky. Seaside towns definitely suit sunshine and blue skies, even in March when bright weather can mean low temperatures.

Having not been to Whitby before, we focused on the iconic, ruined 7th century abbey. Set on top of a headland, looking down on the town and its pretty harbour, this must be one of the most impressive locations for an abbey anywhere in the country. As we leaned into the icy, 50 mph winds we decided that we wouldn’t climb the 199 steps this time, opting for the closer car park instead.

The parish church of St Mary, next to the abbey, dates from 1110. Its interior is unusual, being more or less square and filled with 18th century box pews. There is no obvious altar. And it is the only church in the country with a triple deck pulpit set within the congregation. It also has a gallery filling three sides, giving it a decidedly Georigan flavour.

The area around the harbour is a network of narrow streets and yards with interesting little shops and cafés and the harbour itself is a spectacle of boats of all sizes bobbing about.

Our first visit was brief but we’ll definitely be back soon.