Beaumaris Stone Circle

The weather was beautiful when we arrived in Beaumaris, so we strolled along the seafront enjoying the views and the sea air. We were fascinated by the stone circle, a twelve stone circle which was erected to mark the Eisteddfod, when it was held on Anglesey in 1996.

The circle represents the first traditional "Gorsedd" ceremony of bards which took place inside a circle of pebbles scattered by Welsh academic Iolo Morganwg in 1819.

The stone circle celebrates the link between Celtic heritage and the Welsh culture, and remains part of Eisteddfod tradition to this day. The Anglesey Eisteddfod Circle in Beaumaris includes twelve concentric stones with a Logan Stone at the centre.

The central stone represents the "proclamation platform" which was historically used by the Chief Bard or Druid who conducted the ceremony. It serves as a reminder of the region's links to ancient Celtic culture and how it remains a part of Welsh culture.

The circle might not be ancient, but it's very atmospheric nonetheless.