What Ho Wodehouse!

We began our week of theatre visits with What Ho Wodehouse! at the Staveley Roundhouse.

What Ho, Wodehouse! was performed by Jonathan Goodwin, of Don't Go into the Cellar. This is a brand new comedy, adapted from some of the early writings of P.G. Wodehouse, and feels like an excellent alternative to Don't Go into the Cellar's darker and more wintery performances.

What Ho, Wodehouse! is a light-hearted romp which lifted our spirits and made us one forget all about our cares and worries. In the company of the affable raconteur Everard "Stinky" Crumpleton-Psmith we were regaled with tales of fellow Club members' scrapes with irritable secretaries, formidable aunts and bumbling butlers galore! 

I love anything connected with P G Wodehouse, so this was a definite hit for me. Being in the presence of so many buns, crumpets and the occasional, ooh la la, croissant, was delightful. The audience really got into the spirit of the performance and we were all roaring out "Wodehouse, What Ho!" by the end of the evening.

The Roundhouse in Staveley is such a great venue, small and intimate and perfect for this type of performance.

Roll on the next treat in our theatrical extravaganza!