Meadows and Grass Verges

We’re very much enjoying the wild flowers which seem to be growing at the side of every road we drive along, as well as many of the fields we pass, and June seems to be the best month yet.

In towns and cities, local authorities are reducing their mowing regimes as an economy measure, choosing to leave verges to grow wild. And the use of herbicides has been reduced for both environmental and economic reasons.

Meanwhile, in rural areas farmers have also dramatically reduced their use of herbicides - with sometimes stunning results. Buttercups might not be unusual but an entire field full of them is very striking.

Even verges along motorways can be a haven for wildlife. As we waited at traffic lights at the M62/M57 interchange we were treated to a display including ox-eye daisies, red poppies and purple lupins.

This is all so different from just a few years ago when ‘weeds’ were routinely sprayed and all fields were 100% green grass. And it definitely enriches our lives.