Thrang Brow and Gait Barrows

The Gait Barrows Nature Reserve is a lovely area within the Arnside and Silverdale AONB, just a few minutes' drive from our house. This Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a couple of hours exploring this unique area with its flora and the underlying limestone pavements, created during the last ice age.

Even on a damp, blustery January day, there are so many interesting things to see. We got back to our starting point just as the weather turned, as the edge of Storm Corrie passed through.

A fern, thriving in the damp environment

Last year's dead ferns - soon this will be a mass of greenery

There were plenty of catkins on these hazel bushes

Huge boulders brought here and dumped during the last ice age

Lush moss and some fungi thriving in the damp


Delicate bracket fungus

Fungus and moss

The approach to Haweswater

The climb back from Haweswater as the weather started to turn