More Baronial Baroque

Six years ago, we were in central Manchester on a wet Wednesday afternoon so we could travel back in time and listen to the students of Chetham’s Music School perform baroque music in the school’s 15th century Baronial Hall.

A lot of things have changed in those six years - but not Chetham’s annual Baronial Baroque concert. So it was that we took the same journey to central Manchester for the 2024 performance of 17th and 18th century music. Chetham's young musicians played flute, recorders, cello, violins and harpsichord and for the final item, a cantata, there was also a beautiful soprano voice.

Just as we did six years ago, we sat fixated for over an hour as the beautiful music filled the hall.  And then, just as we did six years ago, we left the baroque and returned to 21st century Manchester with a jolt.